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Eagle Flying

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Madison Golf and Country Club is located in the panhandle of Florida & we are never short of wildlife in our area. From the catch and release fish in our ponds to the countless ducks & birds that fly over the course there's always something to catch your eye. If you enjoy the outdoors you will enjoy the moments capturing our wildlife around the course! Keep your eyes out to see some of the prettiest wildflowers, wildlife & scenery Florida has to offer!

 Are you or your spouse a bird watcher ? If so. Your in the right place!

There are 196 species of breeding birds in Florida. Including the locals favorite the whipper will, the oddly loud wood pecker, wild turkeys, bald eagles, the mighty fast and beautiful humming bird & the beautifully stunning vivid red cardinal. We ask you to keep your distance and respect the wildlife when doing photography. 

There are 25 different breeds of ducks in and around Florida. Known for their gentle nature, ducks are a sight to see on the water or even waddling across the land.

Ducks are also the largest population among waterfowl in the United States. We feed ours yearly so there's a good chance you'll see some living their best life by one of the 2 lakes we have on sight. 

Meet the wildlife caught on camera 

Appreciate & enjoy the little things.